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User32 Industry Contributions and Leadership Roles
- Strategic business development and business planning
- Representation on industry executive committees at both national and international levels
- - Hands-on leadership of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) projects at the most senior level
- Providing sound advice based on a good understanding of project strategic planning, design and delivery methods
- Experience in managing project technical and operational risk to the benefit of all project stakeholders
- Advising stakeholders on technical and financial issues in ITS project investment context
- Knowledge of ITS standards and practices across the Asia Pacific Region
- Creating solutions to complex technical and operational problems through detailed analysis & awareness of best practices
- Experience in operational modelling of effectiveness and impacts of ITS projects
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File32 Initiatives
- - Smart Infrastructure Systems & Smart City Initiatives
- Connected mobility for Smart Cities
- Partnerships with global infrastructure technology providers
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Web32 Industry Bodies
- - Director, ITS Australia (2008-2012)
- Editorial Committee, International Road Federation (IRF) Manifesto on ITS
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Gears32 Key Industry Projects
- ITS Strategy – Canberra
- - Bruce Highway Managed Motorway – Brisbane
- Ramp Signalling Operational Strategy – Brisbane
- Travel Time Information (M3) – Brisbane
- Traffic Incident Management – Hong Kong
- Congestion Management and ITS Study – Marina Coastal Expressway – Singapore
- SCATS Service Transition Plan – Brisbane
- Gold Coast Rapid Transit: Project Scope Requirements – Brisbane
- Northern Busway Concept Design and Impact Management Plan – Brisbane
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File32 Consulting Summary - pdf_icon32