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User32 Industry Contributions and Leadership Roles
Strategic business development and business planning
Representation on industry executive committees at both national and international levels
Hands-on leadership of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) projects at the most senior level
Providing sound advice based on a good understanding of project strategic planning, design and delivery methods
Experience in managing project technical and operational risk to the benefit of all project stakeholders
Advising stakeholders on technical and financial issues in ITS project investment context
Knowledge of ITS standards and practices across the Asia Pacific Region
Creating solutions to complex technical and operational problems through detailed analysis & awareness of best practices
Experience in operational modelling of effectiveness and impacts of ITS projects
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File32 Initiatives
Smart Infrastructure Systems & Smart City Initiatives
Connected mobility for Smart Cities
Partnerships with global infrastructure technology providers
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Web32 Industry Bodies
Director, ITS Australia (2008-2012)
Editorial Committee, International Road Federation (IRF) Manifesto on ITS
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Gears32 Key Industry Projects
ITS Strategy – Canberra
Bruce Highway Managed Motorway – Brisbane
Ramp Signalling Operational Strategy – Brisbane
Travel Time Information (M3) – Brisbane
Traffic Incident Management – Hong Kong
Congestion Management and ITS Study – Marina Coastal Expressway – Singapore
SCATS Service Transition Plan – Brisbane
Gold Coast Rapid Transit: Project Scope Requirements – Brisbane
Northern Busway Concept Design and Impact Management Plan – Brisbane
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File32 Consulting Summary pdf_icon32